List: Books by Decade

List: Books by Decade

Note: If the book is a general contemporary, I've placed it in the decade in which it was written; if it's a historical that doesn't specify the year, I've placed it in the closest decade possible; if it covers a span of years, I've noted that as well.


1255: Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! Voices from a Medieval Village, by Laura Amy Schlitz


1847: The Birchbark House, by Louise Erdrich


1851: The Firefly Letters, by Margarita Engle


Zora and Me, by Victoria Bond and T.R. Simon


The House of Dies Drear, by Virginia Hamilton

1968: One Crazy Summer, by Rita Williams-Garcia


A Watcher in the Woods, by Florence Engel Randall.
Mary Jo's Grandmother, by Janice May Udry.

1971: Feathers, by Jacqueline Woodson
1971: When Zachary Beaver Came to Town, by Kimberly Willis Holt

1972-1976: Revolution is Not a Dinner Party, by Ying Chang Compestine.


The Body of Christopher Creed, by Carol Plum-Ucci
The Trolls, by Polly Horvath


2005: Ninth Ward, by Jewell Parker Rhodes

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List: Coretta Scott King Award

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