I've been writing about books—mostly young adult, but more middle grade these days—for well over a decade. 

I started Bookshelves of Doom in 2004, was picked up as a columnist at Kirkus Reviews in 2010, and as a contributor at Book Riot in 2015. I'm still active in all three places, but most regularly at Kirkus.

The book industry is focused, at pretty much all times, on THE NEW, THE SHINY, THE UPCOMING. This is entirely understandable—after all, they're trying to move a product, right?

But I've gotten tired of that. I'm finding, more and more, that I don't want to chase the NEW AND SHINY. 

What I want to do is explore the backlist: to discover books that I've missed, and to revisit old favorites.

Everything I cover here is at least five years old*.

For more information, see Bookshelves of Doom.


*I reserve the right to break that rule, especially in regards to series titles.